Dundee Area Construction Projects

Information and updates on roadway, infrastructure and other physical improvements to community are provided herein.

Huntley Road Widening & Improvements

Village Manager
Joseph Cavallaro
Phone: (847) 551-3800

This multi-jurisdictional project involves upgrading Huntley Road from a two-lane roadway to a reconstructed five-lane roadway, as a joint effort between the Villages of West Dundee and Carpentersville. West Dundee is the lead agency for the portion of the project that spans from Sleepy Hollow Rd to Elm Ave.

Federal funding assistance totaling $7,500,000 has been granted to meet the nearly $11,000,000 project cost. The Village of West Dundeeā€™s funding obligation of $1,700,000 was secured and committed through the refinancing and issuance of a General Obligation Bond in 2015. The Village of Carpentersville has the same local share obligation.

This project experienced several delays, including with acquisition of right-of-way parcels and utility relocatons. Bid letting was completed in the Spring of 2018, with a contract awarded to Plote Construction. Site work began in late Summer. It is expected that this major roadway project will be substantially completed about 18 months after of the initiation of construction.

Click here to view the project renderings.

In addition to the above project, concurrent roadway projects are taking place along Huntley Road from Elm to just past Lincoln Ave in Carpentersville, including the intersection of Huntley Road and Route 31. For more information about these projects, please visit the Current & Potential Construction Projects page of cville.org.

The improvements are expected to reduce travel times by improving traffic flow and reducing conflicts.

Route 72 Resurfacing

Illinois Dept of Transportation

The State of Illinois/IDOT has contracted with Lorig Construction to resurface Route 72 from Gilberts to East Dundee. Below is a general overview of the timing expectations for this roadway project.

August 6 to August 31: Grinding and milling operations to prepare the existing roadway surface for new asphalt in Gilberts, Sleepy Hollow and West Dundee in the section west of Jewel.

August 16 to September 1: Binder and asphalt installation for the area noted above, west of Jewel.

September 1 to September 16: Grinding and milling operations to prepare the existing roadway surface for new asphalt, in the area east of Jewel in West Dundee, through the downtown area and into East Dundee.

September 16 to the end of October: Binder and asphalt installation for the area noted above, east of Jewel.

To expedite project completion, the Village of West Dundee has authorized Lorig Construction to conduct night work, between the hours of 6:00 pm and 6:00 am, for no more than 20 days total during the months of August, September and October 2018.

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